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history's Journal

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A group for the discussion of history. Any history, anywhere in the world, any time period. We enjoy discussing history, new developments in research, the study of history on a collegiate level, employment options for historians -- just about anything affecting history or historians directly. Respect for members and for the subject matter is obligatory; inflammatory posts, juvenile behaviour and statements made with the intent of annoying, irritating or offending others will result in disciplinary action.

Personal insults and cursing at other members will NOT be tolerated here. Fortunately, that is rare for this community, but it will not be allowed in any case.

Please note, this is not a homework service. While we will gladly help the student who is stuck after they have done their own research, don't just dump your homework question here and expect us to answer it. If you wish our assistance, please tell us what work or research you have done on the topic, what your views are on the question at hand, and what *specifically* you need assistance with ("all of it" or "where to start" are generally not acceptable answers and may earn the derision of the group members).

Posts that are obviously just copying your homework question and leaving it for the group, without any of the poster's own analysis, commentary or discussion may be removed by the moderators without notice.

If you have any complaints, queries or other comments relating to this community, please direct them to juliann at juliann dot net.


армия, история, общество, музыка, наука, россия, корабли, ссср, беларусь